Hi, my name is Dov

With a career spanning over a decade in the recruiting industry, I have acquired a unique blend of experiences that have shaped me into a seasoned talent sourcing expert and career coach. 

I got the start in HR back in 2006, in the team of a 600-strong company. However, my path wasn’t linear; from September 2007, my career was beautifully torn between the passion for music and knack for sales.

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The pivotal turning point came in 2013 when I joined Western Union in Lithuania. 

As a part of an innovative in-house agency, I was tasked with creating unique recruitment solutions. 

My diverse recruitment experience covers multiple countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, the UK, and Lithuania.

My journey has taken me from being a Talent Sourcing specialist at Western Union, a coordinator for Western Union Business Solutions in the UK, a Talent Sourcer at a boutique Rec2Rec agency Aspen In-house, to a Talent Sourcer for a Swedish music startup Melobee. 

I also took on a challenging role at Expedia, focusing on recruiting for their big data and analytics roles for Hotels.com business.

Embracing a new work style, I began freelancing in 2019, lending my talent sourcing expertise to various companies including a leading digital creative agency and a prominent sports brand.

In 2019, I stepped into the spotlight, speaking at prestigious events like SourceCon Europe and Sourcing Summit Tallinn. 

I also delivered a closing keynote at Sourcing Summit Europe in Amsterdam (October 2019). 

I continued to share the insights in 2020, speaking at Sourcing Summit Virtual and TA Day. 

More recently, I have been invited to speak at Motivated at Work and Fail Nights in person events in Lithuania.

Alongside speaking engagements, I also co-hosted the Sourcing Challenge podcast with my mentor, Mark Lundgren, sharing valuable insights and strategies with listeners.

In 2022, I moved to a small town in the mountains of Bulgaria where I worked remotely on a sourcing contract for a leading digital creative agency. 

Later that year, I returned to Lithuania and started focusing on building a career coaching practice.

Today, I use the vast experience to empower job seekers. 

I believe in the power of personal stories, the lessons learned from successes and failures, and the law of attraction.

For more details about my speaking engagements, visit the Speaking page.